The Role of Speed Limiter Technology in Enhancing Road Safety During Easter Weekend

Road logistics companies play a critical role in ensuring that goods are delivered on time and in a safe manner. During the Easter weekend in South Africa, road safety is of utmost importance, and ignoring road safety rules and regulations is not an option. Speed limiter technology is one tool that can significantly reduce the carnage on our roads that impact many lives

Semi-autonomous speed limiters are devices that are fitted to vehicles maintaining the legally posted speed of a vehicle in real-time. Speed limiters are now a mandatory feature in many countries, and their effectiveness in reducing road accidents and fatalities has been proven.

This legislative change will eventually trickle down to Africa – we simply do not have the time to wait that long (and we don’t have to) as mentioned in our previous article – The Time has Come to Leverage Technology to Stop The Carnage on our Roads

SpeedFOX, an Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) device invented by Geo Intelligence Corp (GeoInt) a specialist geospatial products and services business not only enhances road safety but also has benefits for the environment and efficiency on the roads. By reducing the speed of vehicles, emissions are reduced, making the roads greener and more sustainable. Additionally, by reducing the risk of accidents, road closures and delays are also minimized, resulting in more efficient delivery times.

Road safety during Easter weekend is a critical issue that requires the use of advanced technology and tools to prevent accidents and fatalities. By investing in cutting-edge technology road logistics companies can ensure that they deliver their goods safely and efficiently, while also contributing to a safer, cleaner and greener South Africa.

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