SpeedFOX keeps your drivers, assets and cargo safe!

Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) technology that is so evolved it provides predictable, real-time, location-aware speed control that saves your business time and money.

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Speed Control at the pedal

SpeedFOX intelligently assists drivers to comply with speed regulations in varying road conditions through a semi-autonomous technology that reinforces positive driver behaviour leading to fewer accidents, no speeding fines, smoother driving, reduced fuel consumption, improved maintenance and safer roads.

SpeedFOX is able to deliver on the specific ISA regulations that are being made mandatory via the various governments worldwide. 

Through differentiated thinking and cutting edge development and integration; SpeedFOX has been engineered to deliver a consistently safer road environment for everyone. 

Whether you’re in the public transport industry, a courier company, fleet owner or a logistics company. 

SpeedFOX offers a tailored speed control solution just for you!

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The future of speed control has arrived

SpeedFOX’s telematics capabilities are grounded in a comprehensive ecosystem. We are able to optimally combine geo-analytics and location intelligence to provide an innovative approach to geospatial intelligence. This has provided a number of unique solutions for both the telematics and the logistics industries. SpeedFOX is a proudly South African (ISA) intelligent speed assistance technology.

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