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TIA backs local Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) Technology to save lives on SA Roads

South Africa’s Technology Innovation Agency (TIA) has confirmed an initial round of funding in support of advancing the development and global commercialisation efforts of SpeedFOX, an Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) device invented by Geo Intelligence Corp (GeoInt) a specialist geospatial products and services business.

This technology is set to reduce speeding, related accidents and mortalities on the South African Roads. Road Accidents cause 22.4 mortalities per 100 000 people and are also estimated to sink 3.5% of the economy every year, with speeding being the major contributor to this cost. This warrants innovative technologies in order to effectively respond to this socio economic burden. “It is for this reason that TIA has awarded funding to SpeedFOX- a digital 4IR solution” said Sipho Dikweni  (Commercialisation Portfolio Manager ICT Business Unit). 

With over 70,000 kilometres of road testing already completed, SpeedFOX has shown that it improves road safety and fleet efficiency by actively ensuring that drivers comply with all road speed regulations.

Lee Annamalai (Group CTO), believes that this will enable fleet owners to proactively achieve positive driver behaviour with respect to speed compliance. “Fleet operators can set their own speed limits for particular road conditions such as gravel roads, or roads with steep gradient to ensure they are allowing their vehicles to operate well within their own safety margins and within the law” confirms Annamalai.

“We are the first company in South Africa to create a multipoint speed limiter that actively ensures the vehicle does not exceed any posted speed limit” said Annamalai who also further noted “We have developed SpeedFOX as both a road safety and cost saving solution. We are excited at the investment from TIA as this will – help us scale up the solution and mature our conversations with international markets and customers.”

The application of ISA technologies has been legislated in most parts of world. Many African countries are adopting similar frameworks with particular applications in public transportation and logistics. This technology will significantly improve road safety for everyone, saving lives as well as vast amounts on accident costs and fuel efficiency. Graeme McFerren (Senior Solution Architect) adds that “We have designed SpeedFOX to work offline and in real-time. Apart from being more digitally secure, our solution is more cost effective and reliable than the always-connected options being trialled in Europe where connectivity tends to be cheaper.”

Arrive Alive is also supportive of the SpeedFOX innovation. “As a country we have long been talking about the carnage on our roads, the high cost of road accidents. SpeedFOX is a technology solution that could finally address this through proactive in vehicle technology that safely limits a vehicle from exceeding the legal speed limits” said Adv Johan Jonck editor of the Arrive Alive website.

“As a driver for South African innovation that support social and economic advancements, TIA is proud to be associated with SpeedFOX as we believe this technology will ultimately improve South African and global road safety” concludes TIA’s ICT Head, Thabang Mpye.

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