Impossible speeding

Speeding is repeatedly listed as a one of the top causes of South Africa’s high road crash and fatality rates. Yet, South Africa may not be alone in this phenomenon according to a recent survey conducted by The survey revealed that not only do drivers admit to speeding but 64% believe that it may even be acceptable to speed.  

The survey shows that many drivers believe that it is acceptable to speed in certain places and instances. The CEO of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, explains: “A large percentage of motorists believe it is appropriate to speed on highways, in particular. The majority expressed their tendency to drive between 18 and 24km/h over the speed limit while as much as 3% of drivers admitted to driving 30km/h over the speed limit.   

“The reasons cited for speeding are all behaviours that can be avoided through adequate planning and defensive driving. These reasons include keeping up with the flow of traffic, running late and the belief that speed limits are too low. On a small, but positive note, more than half the drivers surveyed say they seldom speed.” 

In a scenario where drivers see no wrong in speeding, how can organisations ensure adherence to speed limits? The CTO of Geo Intelligence Corp (GEOINT), Lee Annamalai, explains: “The simplest solution for many organisations, is to remove the ability to overspeed by implementing intelligent speed assistance (ISA) technology. ISA is an additional vehicle safety feature that fleet operators should give serious consideration to. 

“Research conducted shows that a 15% reduction in speed can result in 50 to 60% reduction in accident risk. Additionally, research conducted by GEOINT, the developers of ISA technology, SpeedFOX, shows a successful reduction of speed from 140km/h to between 115 and 119km/h in their pilot vehicles. Companies that see this same reduction have the potential to save thousands in accident costs.” 

SpeedFOX technology automatically keeps vehicles to posted speed limits by controlling accelerator signals sent to the engine management system. “It uses on-board map data to make real-time decisions on acceptable speeds. Fleet operators can also set their own speed limits for particular road conditions such as gravel roads,” says Annamalai.  

MasterDrive has partnered with GEOINT to provide companies with the potential to significantly impact accident rates. “Company vehicles with SpeedFOX technology and drivers trained on how to drive with a speed limiter, will have a safer experience on the roads. This will impact the company, the driver and the families of the drivers,” says Herbert.  

Written by Samantha Greathead 

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